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Industrial Heater leverages expert engineering and unrivaled
customer service to deliver the custom heater band you need—fast.
Industrial Heater: you deserve a heater
you can count on day in and day out.
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Your Production Line Is
Only as Good as Your
Band Heaters

If you’re not using a top-quality heater—and that means one backed by best-in-class engineering and customized for your machinery—you know it’s going to break down. The only question is when.
When it does, you’re going to pay the price: you could have a line down for days or weeks. And every minute you spend trying to find a replacement, you’re going to be letting down your customers.

Your Production Line Is Only as Good as Your Band Heaters

Industrial Heater: Your
Production Capacity
Fully Realized

Industrial Heater’s expert team will get you the right band heater for your equipment—even if we have to design and build it from scratch.

We promise same-day quoting and
fast delivery.

That’s why we have become the go-to supplier for many of the leading plastics processors in the market, whether they are in medical devices, automotive, aerospace, food packaging, construction, or more. We’re currently supplying most OEM’s directly and are familiar with their machinery.  Our clients know that if you’re making something that absolutely has to work, you have to partner with Industrial Heater.

Industrial Heater guarantees you a quote in 12 hours or less. No matter the size of your company or the complexity of your part, you’ll get exactly what you need faster than any other heater band supplier can offer.

A quote in 12 hours or less

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For more than 100 years, Industrial Heater has been empowering manufacturers
in every industry by delivering the best band heaters you can get.
Our secret? We base every solution we deliver on what you need,
not on what’s convenient for us to sell. 
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